Oxford Professional: Presence

The Presence patient lift is competent enough to handle almost any patient handling task.

It is an all round performer that gives you more than you expect!


  • Large lift capacity: 227kg (35st) safe working load
  • Outstanding lifting range: 1910mm
  • Powered leg positioning
  • Powered 4 point cradle option
  • Digital weigh scale option


Safe Working Load 227kg (500lb)
Maximum overall Length 1460mm (57.5in)
Minimum overall Length 1400mm (55.1in)
Maximum overall height 2065mm (81.3in)
Minimum overall height 1460mm (57.5in)
Spreader Bar – maximum height 1910mm (75.2in)
Spreader Bar – minimum height 430mm (16.9in)
Height at Maximum Reach 1310mm (51.5in)
Reach at Maximum Height 650mm (25.6in)
Reach at Minimum Height 400mm (15.7in)
Maximum Reach (centre of spreader bar to front of the mast) 930mm (36.6in)
Turning radius 1630mm (64.2in)
Legs open – external width 1150mm (45.2in)
Legs open – internal width 1020mm (40.1in)
Legs closed – external width 670mm (26.4in)
Legs closed – internal width 550mm (21.6in)
Overall height of legs 120mm (4.7in)
Ground clearance 35mm (1.4in)
Front twin castors 100mm (4in)
Rear braked castors 100mm (4in)
4 Point Positioning Cradle – Maximum Height 1550mm (61in)
4 Point Positioning Cradle – Minimum Height (usable) 390mm (15.4in)
Mast, base & boom assembly (includes 6 point spreader bar) 37kg (81.4lb)
Base assembly (not including battery) 20kg (44lb)
Power pack 3kg (6.6lb)
Mast & Boom Assembly (not including battery) 17kg (37.4lb)
4 Point Positioning Cradle (manual operation) 6kg (13.2lb)
4 Point Positioning Cradle (powered operation) 9kg (19.8lb)
Total weight (including 6-point spreader bar) 40kg (88lb)