System RoMedic – MultiLift550

MultiLift550 is a unique, motor assisted mobile patient lift for all lifting situations and especially useful for heavier users weighing up to 250kg (550lb).


  • Powered moving, turning and base widening
  • Unique lifting solution; straight lifting in two different ways provides a very large lifting range, as well as safety, convenience and functionality
  • Intuitive driving and maneuvering, on all types of floor, and over small obstacles on the floor
  • Truly ergonomic; prevents workload injuries and accidents
  • A single caregiver can safely and easily manage both complex and heavy transfer procedures
  • Many safety features
  • Reliable and service friendly


MultiLift550 is supplied complete and ready to use, equipped with a wider sling bar (60cm / 23.6in), providing a more open lifting sling which is ideal for larger users.


Safe Working Load 250kg (550lb)
Maximum height 2170mm (85.4in)
Minimum height 1499mm (59in)
Length 1260mm (50in)
Width 700mm (27in)
Base dimensions (inner) 536-1346mm (21.1-53in)
Effective lifting height 0-1928mm (0-75.9in)
Lifting speed 320-470 mm/s (1.26-1.85 in/s)
Driving speed 2.3km/h (1.4m/h)
Emergency lowering Manual and electric
Base widening Electrical
Sling bar (width) 600mm (23.6in)
Castors 100mm
Total Weight 98kg (215lb)
Battery 200 lifts with full load (24v, 15Ah)
Driving Distance (with full load) 10km (6.2miles)