TR900 – Height Adjustable Bath Tub

The functional design of the TR900’s integrated bathtub and panel makes it simple and convenient to operate. It is an easy to use height adjustable bath tub that gives a relaxing bath for the bather, combined with an ergonomic work situation for the attendant.

The ‘key hole shaped’ bathtub design with extra width at the head end allows more space for arms and shoulders and is an advantage when shampooing. TR900 bathtubs can be equipped with a built-in cleaning and whirlpool system.

All models can be equipped with a Stainless steel tub.



TR900 models available:

TR900 Height adjustable bathtub
TR900C Height adjustable bathtub, cleaning
TR900CW Height adjustable bathtub, cleaning, whirlpool
TR900A Height adjustable Autofill bathtub
TR900CA Height adjustable Autofill bathtub, cleaning
TR900CWA Height adjustable Autofill bathtub, cleaning, whirlpool
Length 2325mm (92in)
Width 830mm (33in)
Working Load Limit 150kg (330lb)
Operating height range (bathtub) 600-1000mm (23-29in)
Power supply 30V, 50Hz / 110V, 60Hz