Oxford Maxi 180

The Oxford Maxi 180 is a true heavyweight contender with a maximum lift height from the floor of almost 2m. The Maxi can lift patients onto almost all acute and nursing surfaces.

Remarkably, the Maxi maintains a relatively compact frame (no larger than the Major 200 in width and length), allowing the hoist to be maneuvered and stored with relative ease.

  • 180kg (28st) safe working load
  • Available in electric and hydraulic options


Safe Working Load 180kg (27st)
Length 1315mm
Maximum overall height 2150mm
Minimum overall height 1560mm
Maximum spreader bar height 1970mm
Minimum spreader bar height 780mm
Spreader bar height at maximum reach 1420mm
Spreader bar reach at maximum height 550mm
Spreader bar reach at minimum height 540mm
Maximum reach
Turning radius 1310mm
Legs open – external width 1230mm
Legs open – internal width 1140mm
Legs closed – external width 660mm
Legs closed – internal width 580mm
Overall height of legs 100mm
Ground clearance 75mm
Front twin castors 75mm
Rear braked castors 100mm
Mast and boom assembly
Base assembly 19kg
Total weight 45kg