Oxford Mini 140

The Oxford Mini 140 has been developed especially with the home-care environment and patient in mind. This compact but highly durable lift offers superb maneuverability around the confines of domestic and nursing settings.

The Oxford Mini also offers an excellent range of minimum and maximum lift heights.

  • 140kg (22st) safe working load
  • Available in electric and hydraulic options


Safe Working Load 140kg (22st)
Length 1175mm
Maximum overall height 1730mm
Minimum overall height 1230mm
Maximum spreader bar height 1545mm
Minimum spreader bar height 530mm
Spreader bar height at maximum reach 1000mm
Spreader bar reach at maximum height 400mm
Spreader bar reach at minimum height 400mm
Maximum reach 565mm
Turning radius 1150mm
Legs open – external width 1060mm
Legs open – internal width 1000mm
Legs closed – external width 600mm
Legs closed – internal width 540mm
Overall height of legs 100mm
Ground clearance 25mm
Front twin castors 75mm
Rear braked castors 100mm
Mast and boom assembly 17.5kg
Base assembly 11kg
Total weight 28.5kg