Oxford Professional: Advance

The award winning Advance patient hoist from Oxford signifies a real stride forward in patient lift design and performance.

It uses the latest design and manufacturing technologies to ensure the Advance is the most functional and stylish hoist in its class today.


  • 155kg (24st) safe working load
  • Compact and easy to manoeuvre
  • Folding design for easy storage and onward transportation
  • 4 point cradle option


Safe Working Load 155kg (24st / 341lb)
Maximum Overall Length 1300mm (51in)
Minimum Overall Length 1250mm (49in)
Maximum overall height 1860mm (73in)
Minimum overall height 1360mm (53.5in)
Height (Folded) 450mm (17.1in)
Depth (Folded) 1180mm (46.4in)
Width 550mm (21.6in)
Maximum spreader bar height 1690mm (66.5in)
Minimum usable spreader bar height 390mm (15.3in)
Height at maximum reach 650mm (25.6in)
Reach at maximum height 400mm
Reach at minimum height 350mm (13.7in)
Maximum reach (centre of spreader bar to front of the mast) 835mm (32.8in)
Turning radius 1420mm (55.9in)
Legs open – external width 1080mm (42.5in)
Legs open – internal width 1000mm (39.3in)
Legs closed – external width 670mm (26.3in)
Legs closed – internal width 570mm (22.4in)
Overall height of legs 115mm (4.5in)
Ground clearance 30mm (1.1in)
Front twin castors 75mm (3in)
Rear braked castors 100mm (3.9in)
Mast, base & boom assembly 28.9kg (63.1lb)
Base assembly 14.9kg (32.8lb)
Power pack 3kg (6.6lb)
Mast & Boom Assembly (not including battery) 14kg (30.9lb)
Total weight 31.7kg (69.7lb)