Oxford Standaid 140

The Oxford Standaid 140 has a revolutionary patented design that enables patients to be quickly and efficiently transferred.

Unlike conventional passive sling lifters, the Standaid 140 requires the patient to participate with the lift or transfer thereby encouraging the patient to remain active for longer. The Standaid 140 is also a very useful rehabilitation tool.


  • 140kg (22st) safe working load
  • Large knee pad for added support


Safe Working Load 140kg (22st)
Maximum overall length 1220mm
Minimum overall length 1170mm
Maximum overall height 1625mm
Minimum overall height 1138mm
Maximum height to attachment point 1585mm
Minimum height to attachment point 1090mm
Maximum reach 240mm
Turning radius 1250mm
Legs open – external width 1240mm
Legs open – internal width 1065mm
Legs closed – external width 6100mm
Legs closed – internal width 520mm
Overall height of legs 100mm
Ground clearance 20mm
Front twin castors 75mm
Rear braked castors 100mm
Mast and boom assembly 18.5kg
Base assembly 30kg
Total weight 48.5kg